TheSpace is a center for the arts and the study of rope bondage and its varying and dynamic contexts.

The meaning of rope bondage is so diverse and its perception differs almost from individual to individual. TheSpace aims for exploring and studying the various utterances of rope bondage. These studies will be performed during various activities.

Its caretaker Barkas runs the Osada Ryu Kinbaku Dojo Vancouver out of TheSpace. Addie, the other caretaker runs semi regular beginners workshops at TheSpace.


In erotic rope bondage we first have to free ourselves from the tyranny. There are four: The tyranny of the tying person, the tyranny of the tied person, the tyranny of eroticism, and most importantly, the tyranny of the rope. Erotic rope bondage has to free itself from rope to be no longer a slave. Because, and I feel confident in this, rope is the major obstacle to erotic rope bondage.*

(*P. Greenaway modified)