Space (noun)


-A continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.

-A blank between printed, typed, or written words, characters, numbers, etc.

-The dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.

-An interval of time (often used to suggest that the time is short considering what has happened or been achieved in it)

-The freedom to live, think, and develop in a way that suits one.

(Excerpts from the Oxford dictionary)

TheSpace2 is a center for the arts and the study of ropes and its varying and dynamic contexts. The meaning of Kinbaku is so diverse and its perception differs almost from individual to individual.

TheSpace2 aims for exploring and studying the various utterances of Kinbaku. These studies will be performed during various activities.

Its caretaker Barkas runs the Kinbaku Dojo Vancouver out of TheSpace2. Addie, the other caretaker runs semi regular beginners workshops at TheSpace.