Art & Community

The community events are socials where people interested in ropes can hang out, watch, tie, chat, and meet others. During these events there is no or no structured tuition.

  • “SpaceTime”

    takes place every Friday. This is an open dojo night dedicated to discussing, practicing, and experiencing the art of rope bondage and its contexts.
    Between 7.40 and 8pm there is a warm up for rope led by Pen. It is free for everyone and dedicated to people tying and being tied alike. Participants for the Warm up should arrive not later then 7.35pm.

    To avoid a coming and going and thus constant change of the energy in the venue, we ask people to not arrive later than 9pm if it is possible.


  • “SpaceJam”

    The rope brunch at TheSpace. Come and enjoy your breakfast while having the opportunity to tie and to exchange with other early birds. We bring the marmalade and the hot beverages and you bring your bread/yoghurt/eggs… And don’t forget your ropes.  Every 4th Sunday of the month. 11am-3pm.


  • “Live drawing & Photography of Kinbaku”*

    TheSpace offers this opportunity for all those who want to practice their artistic skills in drawing, painting, and photography. Every last Monday of the month, one or two Kinbaku practitioners invite artists and enthusiasts to sketch stunning poses and beautiful moments.

    $10-$20/person. sliding scale. drop in what it is worth for you.

    Every second and last Monday/month 7-10pm (doors open 6.30pm)

  • “MenInSpace”

    The event for men tying with men. Every first Sunday of the month TheSpace2 opens its doors exclusively for those who identify as men who want to follow their passion amongst each other. This rope social has no instructional character but skill sharing between participants is always welcome.
    Dress code: Comfortable to tie in/casual/no nudity
    Coffee and Tea provided at TheSpace2.

    $10/person (Tax included)

    Every first Sunday of the month. 11am-3pm
  • “The SpaceOddity”.

Every so often, TheSpace turns into a weird place where the borders of our experiences will be challenged. Performances, live music, themed play parties, whatever interesting opportunity presents itself.


  • “Spatial awareness”*

“Spatial awareness” is all about interaction with each other before, within and after doing ropes together. Especially the term “consent” will be in focus of spatial awareness. Various exercises and discussions help new and established rope enthusiasts navigating in the world of rope bondage and elsewhere. Every so often. 7pm-10pm. Doors open 6.30. and close 7.15

Free donation with a $5 suggestion.

  • “Structures”*

    At “Structures”, everything is about tying the inanimate. To apply ropes to objects, such as wood or rocks is a totally different thing and allows one to see the world of ropes from yet another perspective. Come and create your sculpture. Just for a moment or permanent. We will provide a variety of structures at TheSpace, but they can only last until the next “Structures”. Every so often.

$10-$20/person. sliding scale. drop in what it is worth for you.

*Please note, that this is not a workshop! The people hosting the event have tons of experience in the respective fields and they will be there with some tricks and support. They won’t be able to guide the participants through everything. Please be also aware that any use of visuals of the performances must be negotiated with the persons on the picture. No image sees the light of the world without informed, and full consent of everyone involved.