Advanced Yukimura Ryu Workshop

The grand master Yukimura Haruki Sensei elaborated this style over the last 4 decades and established a system that enables students to learn his very unique style. Various techniques and a special handling of the human body are needed to increase the pleasure of tying on the floor. In this class, the participants learn how to use leverages and how to position their partner in certain ways with the use of ropes. A special focus is on the communication between those tying around the topic of shame play. The workshop will be held by Barkas and Addie.


  • Positions on the floor and their stability/instability
  • Gote
  • Presentation of the partner and shame
  • Leverages
  • Kemono Shibari
  • Mermaid and other free form ties
  • Tips and tricks for rope bottoming by Addie

Prerequisites: Single column tie

Date: February 23rd. 1pm to ~6pm (including a short break)

Cost: $150/pair (tax included), max 8 pairs.

Get your ticket here (Please read our refund policy, terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a ticket for this workshop!)

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