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SpaceOddity – Performance by Wildties & RedSabbath SOLD OUT!

When Wildties and RedSabbath come to Vancouver to give an exclusive 3 days intensive workshop at TheSpace2, they will also share with us their understanding of a Kinbaku Live Show.
Join us to witness their passion

Date: May 24th, 8.30pm-9.30.

Admission: $20/person. (Free for participants of their workshop.

If you are a participant of the Intensive, you do NOT need a ticket!


Limited Availability! No refund possible. Tickets can be transferred.

During the performance, we will close the doors (No coming late possible!) and open up after the performance again for regular SpaceTime (unlimited availability, $10/person).

Pilar Aldea & Nehra Stella – An unusual rope intensive at TheSpace2

  • The Workshop:


-The importance of detail and the use of classic elements.
-Work ropes with the breath and the voice. Intensity and rhythm.
-Space, smell, temperature, sound, taste … Building the scene for our ropes session.
-Tying to scare, to  laugh, to cry, to excite … Participation and role.
-Work with “masses of ropes.  Rope mask
– Partial knot. To Guild up separate tension areas. Work with areas of pain and soft areas at the same time.
-Work inspiration. Where to look? What to do with the material found?
Projection on inspiration, in nature, and in structures made by people.
Tie according to the chosen patterns
Projection on inspiration in other tiers, in paintings, sculptures, pieces of music …
Tying differentiating between inspiration and copy.
-To tie and undtie  with several ropes at the same time, with disordered ropes and half tied.
– Brainstorm session on security in unplanned ropes:
Common sense, experience, knowledge acquired by other structures learned …
-Projection of a selection of contemporary works of art with “ropes”; Collage, installations,
sculptures, dance …
-Tying with various materials: plastic, fabrics, various ropes, wool, yarn, paper, wire …
Selection of material, decisions on its use, treatment of space, of rounds… decisions about
Work in groups

  • Dates:
    Workshop: November 2nd & 3rd, 11am-6pm
    SpaceOddity w Performance: Nov 1st

  • Cost:
    Workshop (performance included): $450/pair (max 10 pairs)
    Performance only: $20/person (max 25 single tickets)
    Tickets will go online July 1st 7pm (pacific time)

  • The Presenters:

    • Pilar Aldea studied Lighting and Images in the Escuela Superior de Comunicacion de Imagen y Sonido, Madrid. She directed Consulta Films Bruselas/Madrid, producing and specializing in experimental cinema between 1995 and 2009.
      In Formentera in 2011 she founded Producciones Como Mola, whose 12th production is currently under development.
      Since 2015, Aldea is a member of the Espai F Collective: a cross-cultural association dedicated to stage arts and cultural revitalization in Formentera.
      Aldea discovered rope bondage in 2010, and a passion was ignited that remains to this day. She studied classic Shibari with, among others, Haruki Yukimura, Akira Naka, Yukinaga Max, Osada Steve and Alberto Noshibari and has continued in her practice by taking classes with Dasniya Sommer, Shadow, Felix Ruckert, Bergborg and Sangs Blague, Nawashi Murakawa, Vlada and Falco.
      Her work has evolved into a personal quest to find and set alight the obscurities of human sensuality, both for the individual and the collective.
      Taking an ethical, sensual, creative and free-style approach to rope, she makes place in her work for both the dramatic and the humorous.
      Between 2012 and 2015, together with Ana Gutiérrez, she developed the project “Cuerdas Poéticas, Sensual Performance of Explicit Poetry” with performances and workshops in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Soria, Bilbao, Strasbourg, Gothenburg, Moscow and Berlin among others.
      In 2016, he launched “some ropes”, a project of work and research with strings that includes workshops, scenic proposals and exchange with artists from different disciplines such as:
      Shibari or Banana? (With Juju Kotobuki, Lee Sola, Rija Mae, Afsana Kink, Saara Rei and Jay Diviaren. Eurix X (Berlin).)
      Unleash this chaos immediately (With Micha Stella and floZif in Eurix XI (Berlin).)
      Loft (With Lee Sola at La Estupenda Performing Arts. (Granada).)
      Keep Calm and Rope Tennis (With Micha Stella, floZif, Rija Mae and Naomi Sotorroso at Eurix XII (Berlin).)
      Rob & Rope (With Micha Stella. Designer of rope dollars by Human Chuo. Prague Shibari Festival (Prague).)
      HIBAKUSHA. Bombed person (With Rosalie Lello Li, dramatic Redding by Micha Stella, music and sound space design by Lorenzo Colocci. Selection of texts and citations from Sei Shōnagon, Marguerite Duras, Peter Handke and Pilar Aldea. International Short Film Competition Ciudad de Soria. (Soria))
      Désacordé. Ropes performance more or less. (With Alex Mino at La Corderie. (Marseille))
    • Nehra Stella is a queer artist, mother and filmmaker, who moved from Paris to Berlin, in 2008, which she considers to be her homeland. In her work she explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, queer point of view.
      She believes that ART and SEX can change the world.
      She directed “Paris la Nuit“ in 2009, “Vivre Berlin“ in 2013, and together with the English artist Natasha Davis the documentary “Berlin-Sarajevo“  in 2015.
      Since 2014, she collaborates with Felix Ruckert in various projects and lead workshop and performance on Gender and Bdsm. They created the New Civilization Training a 10 days fasting retreat based around bodywork, yoga, dance, conscious sexuality, music, choral singing, personal growth, metagenealogy, hypnosis and much more. She co-curated the program of Xplore festival (Roma 2017) and xplore Rome, Barcelona and Copenhagen 2018, and co-present gender fluidity workshops on some stations of Felix Ruckert’s “Living Room Tour“.
      She is currently editing her new documentary “Le bel Animal“ about Xplore Berlin 2017.
      She models and performs with Pilar Aldea for whom she will translate.



Intro to suspension by Addie & Saffron

Suspensions are intense, fun, elegant, challenging, strenuous, liberating, rewarding… and they carry with them a higher risk profile. This workshop builds a functional knowledge of suspension, with the aim of acknowledging and minimizing the risks involved so that all parties can have a good time in the air. We will look at common forms/progressions in suspension, uplines, smooth body handling, balance points, trouble shooting, and other various bits of knowledge for those tying. We will also cover bottoming knowledge and body awareness, as well as communication between the tying and tied persons, and workarounds for some of the more common trouble spots.


For the workshop series: no previous suspension knowledge necessary, though tying participants should be able to tie a suspension-worthy upper body tie in under 5 minutes, and a non-collapsing single column tie on the first try. People being tied should have some experience in rope, though this is a flexible suggestion. If you have any questions about those guidelines please contact me.


ropes (enough to suspend, which generally means enough for an upper body harness plus 4ish lengths). Rings/carabiners/cutting devices, whatever you use to suspend. Snacks. Comfy clothes are recommended, and I find leggings and socks/ankle warmers are helpful against rope rubbing, especially when the tying person is learning. Be aware that some of these techniques may leave rope marks.

The techniques used are more suited for natural fiber rope (hemp, jute) than synthetic

Date: Sunday, April 28th. noon to 5pm at TheSpace2. (30min break. Bring a snack!)

Cost: $150/pair

Registration via email (payment cash, card at TheSpace2, etransfer):

or get your ticket here:


Terms&Conditions apply.

SpatialAwareness – special discussion about inclusivity

Sunday, March 17. 5pm.At TheSpace2.
Free donation! 
100% of the donation goes to the Unist'ot'en Camp.

Moderated by Xanthine.

SpatialAwareness is an event that focuses on the broader contexts of rope bondage. Consent, community, inclusiveness, power, privilege, gender, etc. are terms of rapidly increasing importance in the field of rope bondage. SpatialAwareness approaches those and related concepts from an open perspective. Using open discussions, role play, and lectures, we investigate various, pre-announced topics with the goal of empowering individuals to contribute positively to the growth and identity of what is commonly called the Rope Community. We do not aim to tell participants what is good or bad, but to explore how various topics can be understood, to give people opportunities to investigate, discuss, and expand their and our own thoughts on these complex and often divisive topics.

This event also works on the hope that many people who have already run into problems with consent would like to learn to do better, and so is open to everyone who expresses and exhibits an interest in learning and improving, and developing skills to help prevent future problems. This means that this event also welcomes people who, for various reasons, do not have an invitation to other events at TheSpace2. We also specifically invite those who are new to the community, and may not have even heard of topics like consent violation, privilege, normative gender perceptions, etc. We do not believe in stupid questions, and we acknowledge that entering the rope (kink, etc) community can be a culture shock for many. We hope that this event supports understanding and education, and contributes to the ongoing learning process in which we all partake, and from which we all benefit.

No rope (or other kinky) play at this event. Please read TheSpace2’s general etiquette guidelines.

Please note that some of the topics discussed at SpatialAwareness may be difficult for some people, yourself included. Also, we ask that individual and collective privacy be respected at these events. We would like people to feel safe having difficult discussions, therefore, while the content and topics can be discussed outside the event, we ask that no names be attached, and that details or personal disclosures not be published on the internet.

Warm Up for Ropes

We want to introduce a new service at TheSpace2

Warm Up For Rope, led by Pen.
Pen studied dance and kinesiology at SFU for 5 years, and has more than 15 years of experience in dance and other movement practices. Her research in injury prevention has earned her recognition locally and internationally. The purpose of the Warm Up For Rope is to bring focus and sensation to the body, as well as reduce stiffness and increase circulation, as a rope tying preparation for rope tops and bottoms.

Please join us for our warm up on Fridays from 7:40 – 8:00pm.

For the warm up, please arrive prior to 7.40pm, as we close the bamboo forrest for that purpose until 8pm. Tying in the stalls still possible.

The warm up is free and included in the admission for SpaceTime.
If you want to donate something, feel free.

Mino & Lello Li – A tale of rope

In this workshop we will discuss the game of standing dances while talking about looking for your inner child, and how to create a bright, positive, and fun game. Exercises on improvising patterns by creating a logic of creation, or on how to manage the technical problems with joy and fun, how to play with little technique are one of our main focuses. We also concentrate on managing the imbalance of both partners. Another part of this workshop deals with topics such as managing the emotional impact of a session on each of the partners and how to create good sustainable communication between regular/intimate partners.

We ask you to come with a partner with whom you like to play and have fun. One doesn’t need torture or semenawa to create very intense situations, both emotionally and physically. Thus, good physical condition and management of one’s balance is important.

Mino and Lello Li came into contact with shibari a few years ago. In the beginning she rather bottomed and he rather topped, then little by little the boundaries of passive/active disappeared.

Mino is a professional circus artist, dancer, and performer for more than a decade. Soon after discovering ropes, he felt the desire to combine the aesthetics and techniques of shibari with circus scenes and theater. On the road he met the Bdsm, the kink, and the trance power of a rope scene.

Lello Li came in contact with shibari in Berlin at Schwelle 7, for a long time THE European place for shibari, kink and sex-positive culture. She had the chance to participate in many workshops and to become familiar with many approaches, styles and philosophies. She began to perform for different collectives in Berlin. For them, the ropes and shibari are a source of inspiration, both as a means of communication with one’s partner and one’s own body, as well as to tell stories and play with the limits of the body or to interact with their own inner child. Since they met at Eurix (Berlin), they draw their joint inspiration for shibari from dance, influenced by both partners, borrowing drama techniques from the theater, clown, and primal play where everyone is active. The notion of active/passive is lost, everyone influences the game that becomes one “togetherness”.


Performance* during SpaceTime on Friday, March 15th 8pm

Saturday, March 23rd 11am-6pm

Sunday, March 24th 11am-6pm


The ticket for one pair is $370CAD (Tax included)

Get your ticket here:

*included for workshop participants

Wildties & RedSabbath – Exclusive North America Intensive – SOLD OUT

From the basic ties to the most tortuous suspensions we will discover the beauty of this style, analyzing the aesthetical as well as the phylosophical aspects of Naka Ryu as interpreted by Kinbaku LuXuria.

The workshop will cover:

  • TK (2-3-4-etc) as adapted by Wildties to improve safety.
  • Basic semenawa floor ties
  • Basic Suspensions of the style
  • Wildties personal variations and transitions Freestyle


  • Rigger must be able to make a stabile TK
  • And able to attach and lock suspension lines efficiently.
  • Both Rigger and person in ropes should be familiar with basic suspensions.
  • Person in ropes should be comfortable in a Gote, and familiar with the differences between nerve and circulation impingement.
  • A set of at least 12 ropes will be needed (5-6 mm, 7-7,50 mt).


  • Friday, May 24
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
    • 8.30pm Performance during SpaceTime
  • Saturday, May 25
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
  • Sunday, May 26
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
The workshop weekend including a performance on Friday night comes to a
Total of $790CAD
(tax and fees included)




Refund policy

50% of the ticket cost can be refunded until the 31st of December 2018. No refund from January 1st 2019 on. You can, at any point, transfer your ticket to someone else, if and only if they fulfill the requirements of the workshop, see above. In that case, please give us a heads up and be aware that there are a few people who are not eligible to attend classes at TheSpace2 for safety reasons.