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Warm Up for Ropes

We want to introduce a new service at TheSpace2

Warm Up For Rope, led by Pen.
Pen studied dance and kinesiology at SFU for 5 years, and has more than 15 years of experience in dance and other movement practices. Her research in injury prevention has earned her recognition locally and internationally. The purpose of the Warm Up For Rope is to bring focus and sensation to the body, as well as reduce stiffness and increase circulation, as a rope tying preparation for rope tops and bottoms.

Please join us for our warm up on Fridays from 7:40 – 8:00pm.

For the warm up, please arrive prior to 7.40pm, as we close the bamboo forrest for that purpose until 8pm. Tying in the stalls still possible.

The warm up is free and included in the admission for SpaceTime.
If you want to donate something, feel free.

Advanced Yukimura Ryu Workshop

The grand master Yukimura Haruki Sensei elaborated this style over the last 4 decades and established a system that enables students to learn his very unique style. Various techniques and a special handling of the human body are needed to increase the pleasure of tying on the floor. In this class, the participants learn how to use leverages and how to position their partner in certain ways with the use of ropes. A special focus is on the communication between those tying around the topic of shame play. The workshop will be held by Barkas and Addie.


  • Positions on the floor and their stability/instability
  • Gote
  • Presentation of the partner and shame
  • Leverages
  • Kemono Shibari
  • Mermaid and other free form ties
  • Tips and tricks for rope bottoming by Addie

Prerequisites: Single column tie

Date: February 23rd. 1pm to ~6pm (including a short break)

Cost: $150/pair (tax included), max 8 pairs.

Get your ticket here (Please read our refund policy, terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a ticket for this workshop!)

Intro to Ropes – Workshop by Addie

This hands-on workshop is open to all levels, and is specifically aimed at beginners who want a starting point into play and rope. We will look at simple, effective, versatile tools that can be combined to create satisfying scenes. No experience is necessary. We will cover a basic single and double handcuff, a simple chest harness, a thigh tie, as well as some fun uses for each. We will also explore some favourite non-rope tools: predicaments, pressure points, basic bare-handed impact, and the creative use of a big stick. We will look at timing, teasing, reading your partner’s reactions, evaluating the progress of the scene, and playing with sensations. There will be plenty of time to practice and play during the class, so come prepared to explore and have fun.


Basic safety, pre-scene negotiation, and communication
Single and double wrist cuff
Chest harness
Thigh tie
Pressure points, impact, and other ways to get a reaction
Reading reactions
Building a scene

None, though it is a good idea to come with someone (or a group) with whom you are comfortable playing and learning

January 12th. 1pm-5pm

$80/Tying pair (Tax included)
Event is sold out! Stay tuned for the next intro to ropes!

Differential Geometry and Nambu TK

Differential Geometry seems to be approximately the oddest choice when one wishes to study erotic rope bondage but a closer look uncovers its importance. What is geometry, what are curved surfaces and what are methods of measuring distances on such surfaces? We will discover that ropes and humans offer a great opportunity to apply ideas from differential geometry and we will see how useful these ideas are when it comes to stability, sustainability, rope handling, and connection.
In the second part of the workshop, we will study the Nambu TK, Barkas’ contribution to the world of patterns. Learn or/and perfect this very sustainable multi-functional upper body harness which has been named after the Japanese theoretical physicist Yoichiro Nambu for his contributions to the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking.

Prerequisites: intermediate to advanced levels, but it is always recommended to come and go beyond your comfort level.

What to bring: a partner! And about 7+ pieces of ropes.

When: Dec 16th. 1pm-6pm

Cost: $150CAD/couple (tax included)

Get your ticket here:

Mino & Lello Li – A tale of rope

In this workshop we will discuss the game of standing dances while talking about looking for your inner child, and how to create a bright, positive, and fun game. Exercises on improvising patterns by creating a logic of creation, or on how to manage the technical problems with joy and fun, how to play with little technique are one of our main focuses. We also concentrate on managing the imbalance of both partners. Another part of this workshop deals with topics such as managing the emotional impact of a session on each of the partners and how to create good sustainable communication between regular/intimate partners.

We ask you to come with a partner with whom you like to play and have fun. One doesn’t need torture or semenawa to create very intense situations, both emotionally and physically. Thus, good physical condition and management of one’s balance is important.

Mino and Lello Li came into contact with shibari a few years ago. In the beginning she rather bottomed and he rather topped, then little by little the boundaries of passive/active disappeared.

Mino is a professional circus artist, dancer, and performer for more than a decade. Soon after discovering ropes, he felt the desire to combine the aesthetics and techniques of shibari with circus scenes and theater. On the road he met the Bdsm, the kink, and the trance power of a rope scene.

Lello Li came in contact with shibari in Berlin at Schwelle 7, for a long time THE European place for shibari, kink and sex-positive culture. She had the chance to participate in many workshops and to become familiar with many approaches, styles and philosophies. She began to perform for different collectives in Berlin. For them, the ropes and shibari are a source of inspiration, both as a means of communication with one’s partner and one’s own body, as well as to tell stories and play with the limits of the body or to interact with their own inner child. Since they met at Eurix (Berlin), they draw their joint inspiration for shibari from dance, influenced by both partners, borrowing drama techniques from the theater, clown, and primal play where everyone is active. The notion of active/passive is lost, everyone influences the game that becomes one “togetherness”.


Performance* during SpaceTime on Friday, March 22nd 8pm

Saturday, March 23rd 11am-6pm

Sunday, March 24th 11am-6pm


The ticket for one pair is $370CAD (Tax included)

Get your ticket here:

*included for workshop participants

Wildties & RedSabbath – Exclusive North America Intensive – SOLD OUT

From the basic ties to the most tortuous suspensions we will discover the beauty of this style, analyzing the aesthetical as well as the phylosophical aspects of Naka Ryu as interpreted by Kinbaku LuXuria.

The workshop will cover:

  • TK (2-3-4-etc) as adapted by Wildties to improve safety.
  • Basic semenawa floor ties
  • Basic Suspensions of the style
  • Wildties personal variations and transitions Freestyle


  • Rigger must be able to make a stabile TK
  • And able to attach and lock suspension lines efficiently.
  • Both Rigger and person in ropes should be familiar with basic suspensions.
  • Person in ropes should be comfortable in a Gote, and familiar with the differences between nerve and circulation impingement.
  • A set of at least 12 ropes will be needed (5-6 mm, 7-7,50 mt).


  • Friday, May 24
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
    • 8.30pm Performance during SpaceTime
  • Saturday, May 25
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
  • Sunday, May 26
    • 11am-6pm Workshop (1h break)
The workshop weekend including a performance on Friday night comes to a
Total of $790CAD
(tax and fees included)




Refund policy

50% of the ticket cost can be refunded until the 31st of December 2018. No refund from January 1st 2019 on. You can, at any point, transfer your ticket to someone else, if and only if they fulfill the requirements of the workshop, see above. In that case, please give us a heads up and be aware that there are a few people who are not eligible to attend classes at TheSpace2 for safety reasons.

Nambu Takate Kote – Construction and Application

In terms of upper body ties, we have two principal structures: Full wraps around the body (standard TKs) or an asymmetric construction that usually results in a diamond pattern (Hishi ties). The Nambu TK is the result of Barkas’ studies to combine those two principal constructions and to offer a tie that is suitable and sustainable for a large variety of body types.

In 1960, Yoichiro Nambu, a theoretical physicist, introduced the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking to high energy particle physics. He was awarded the nobel price for this effort. The Nambu-TK is named after him because of the symmetry breaking the tie undergoes towards the end. This phase transition from a standard TK to a Hishi tie makes it extremely durable in basically all positions during suspensions.
In this 3h workshop, we will go through the Nambu-TK step by step and will also go through a few applications of it, i.e. we will engage in suspensions. Those suspensions will be chosen according to the level of the participants.


Date: Saturday, July 7th. 2pm-5pm (Doors open at 1.30pm)

s: intermediate level. Understanding of the basics of a TK.

Price: $120

By buying a ticket for this workshop you agree to the terms and conditions.

Signifying Or Signifying Nothing – approaches to strike new paths in (erotic) photography.

In this intense 2 day analogue photography workshop series we will explore various possibilities of erotic (bondage) photography. This workshop is intended for all levels, from complete beginner to professional. In order to eliminate the equipment advantage of economically stable/professional level workshop attendees, all participants will build their own film camera from a kit, and will work with that camera for the duration. (Exception would be for requested topics, see below.)

Due to the omnipresence of images in our times, as well as our media consumption habits and the resulting mental contamination through double moral standards, photography lost a lot of its reputation. This is especially the case for photography with erotic content. Additionally, many photographers suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) which is a consequence of the fast development of technology and aggressive advertisements. One of the primary aims of my artistic work is to counteract this situation, by returning to minimalistic equipment and by utilizing film instead of digital to force the photographer to slow down and consciously choose each shot.

Workshop contents:

• Every participant will build their own 35mm SLR camera ( cameras/konstruktor-family/konstruktor-f). This cost is in addition to the workshop cost. Organizer will order kits for all confirmed attendees.

• We will discuss theoretical as well as philosophical, ethical, and moral aspects of erotic photography.

• We will establish how to plan a session from a professional perspective.

• We will talk about composition of a picture as well as how light influences the photograph’s mood.

• We will practice capturing images under severe limitations (minimalistic gear/ equipment/lighting on a budget).

• Performances of Kinbaku scenes will be provided by experienced practitioners.

• Participants have the possibility to submit requests for topics (min. 1 month in advance so I can work it/something out).


Friday, November 2nd, 5 – 7pm
• We meet for a basic/short workshop introduction and prepare for day 1.

Day 1, Saturday, November 3rd, 11am–7pm (one hour break)
• We are building and getting to know the camera (approx. 2 hours).

• Discussion of theoretical, philosophical, ethical, and moral aspects, and how to find and explore new paths with your photography.

• Composition.

• Lighting (on a budget).

• Practicing with our minimalistic equipment.

Between the workshop days

The films we have exposed on day 1 will be developed and digitalized.

Day 2, Saturday, November 10th, 11am–6pm (one hour break)
• We start with reviewing and discussing the pictures from day 1 and see how to progress from there in terms of personalizing your style.
• We will also go through your submitted topics.
• The workshop concludes with a debriefing and discussion of the many faces/ languages of erotic photography.

•Workshop: $120-$200 sliding scale. (Pay what you can within this frame.)
•Equipment: Camera&Film about $70. The camera belongs to you after the workshop. More info here: Lomography Konstrukor Camera

RSVP per email or in person at TheSpace2

About the presenter:

Tom Hofmann is professional advertising photographer and graphic designer in Vienna, Europe. His work as visual artist is the balance to his superficially bread-and-butter job.
His photography focuses on the erotic, including fetish and bondage images. Although experimental and conceptual images are exciting, “everyday” themes are just as intriguing for him. He envisions his work as extracted frames from a movie, chosen to dramatize the intensity of the moment presented. His work is captured in a way that allows for single frames to stand alone and speak for themselves but also for combined frames to come together and bring a new perspective through the story being shown.

His work can be found on his website

SIMPLE AND CONCEPTUAL – SOLD OUT!!! Yoroi Nicolas & Faustine Intensive


Performer, Photograph, Presenter, Rope Expert, Corporal Artist
Rigger since 1998, Presenter&Performer since 2011
I lived and studied during 4 years in Tokyo Japan


fancy heroine – willing captive – ephemeral muse – emotional researcher – skinned traveler – intrepid lover – cracked survivor – wild creature – awake dreamer

About the workshop:

Kinbaku should be a living moment, a living movement. Rigger and Model can be seen as involved in a dance together, where the movement of one will spontaneously move the other. The aim is not to reproduce certain patterns, but to work towards discovering and gaining a better understanding of the principles in order to be able to create and organize your own instant compositions, and to bring life into these compositions, from beginning to end.

The guiding idea for this workshop will be : Movement ! Hoping it will be mental as well as physical. Stillness will not be a goal, but just a suspended moment in our Music.
In studying this, we will explore just how thin the line between spirit and body can be, and maybe to realize they will be no line at all…

With an eye to developing the participants’ flow and improvisational capacities in rope-bondage, we will discuss classical concepts in Japanese culture like Ma, Ma-Ai, Omote-Ura and posture.

The aim of the workshop is to enable the partners to translate in the ephemeral of ropes the energy and sensations they share and discover together.

This workshop is always different and will always use my background in Martial art, Massage (Shiatsu and Thai) and rope technique!
(Floor, Standing, Semi-suspension and suspension may be practiced depending of the group and the developpement. One rope tying will be used a lot)

Requirements (For Model and Rigger):

  • Advanced Level
  • To Have Worked Your Corporel Conscience
  • To be safe in Suspension : Yoko-tsuri, Gyaku-Ebi, Futomomo and one other pattern
  • To be willing to try differently, trust each other and accept Physical Risk


  • 8 to 10 ropes
  • 5 Carabiners (A ring can be used too)
  • 2 Blindfolds
  • A cutting tool for Kinbaku (and a ready to use one!)


  • Day I: Oct 20. 11am-6pm (one hour break)
  • Day II: Oct 21. 11am-6pm (one hour break)


$400/pair (tax included)

Tickets: Sold out!

Tickets are either available in person at any event at TheSpace2 (card payment or cash) or via PayPal through the button below. By purchasing a ticket you agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions (standard refund policies apply) and the fulfil the prerequisites for this workshop.