Differential Geometry and Nambu TK

Differential Geometry seems to be approximately the oddest choice when one wishes to study erotic rope bondage but a closer look uncovers its importance. What is geometry, what are curved surfaces and what are methods of measuring distances on such surfaces? We will discover that ropes and humans offer a great opportunity to apply ideas from differential geometry and we will see how useful these ideas are when it comes to stability, sustainability, rope handling, and connection.
In the second part of the workshop, we will study the Nambu TK, Barkas’ contribution to the world of patterns. Learn or/and perfect this very sustainable multi-functional upper body harness which has been named after the Japanese theoretical physicist Yoichiro Nambu for his contributions to the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking.

Prerequisites: intermediate to advanced levels, but it is always recommended to come and go beyond your comfort level.

What to bring: a partner! And about 7+ pieces of ropes.

When: Dec 16th. 1pm-6pm

Cost: $150CAD/couple (tax included)

Get your ticket here:

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