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  • One workshop per month


THE SPACE is meant to be an open space for Japanese rope art and its contexts. In it, many different and individual people congregate for positive experiences. As such, we would like to remind the participants to some basic guidelines of human interaction in order to maintain a safer, respectful, and welcoming environment for everyone.


TheSpace provides a space for everyone. Any kind of harassment, disrespectful treatment, or non-consensual action will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate exclusion from the event and from TheSpace, without compensation. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, disrespectful mentions of ethnic background, personal beliefs, appearance, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and personal live choices. It also summarizes intended threat, stalking, non-consensual visual or audio recording, continuous disruption of the event or single scenes of others, non-consensual body contact and other non-consensual sexual or non-sexual devotion. Rope stunts such as suspensions without a proven background are not permitted at TheSpace. We reserve the right to ask participants to stop any play which we deem dangerous or inappropriate. Each tying person is responsible for the person they tie.

If the presence of an individual makes other participants feel unsafe, we ask the individual to leave.


The tatamis are where the bodies belong, not the dirt from the streets. No shoes beyond the entrance area. Also, the tatamis provide warmth and insulation. Mould and dampness and stickyness contradicts that, so no drinks and food on the tatamis. During the events, we ask for an appropriate noise level. This includes silencing phones (vibration is also hearable).

We live in a city and thus count a number of neighbours who want to follow their business without disturbances. Please keep an appropriate noise inside TheSpace as well as outside and keep the premises clean. It is hard enough to find a space, we will not tolerate any risk of loosing it.

SUMMARY: Don’t be a jerk, or in other words: wouldn’t it be nice if everyone sticks to the golden rule?!

Thank you very much!