Intro to Ropes. Sun May 13th. 10am-2pm

Presented by Addie & Caek

This hands-on workshop is open to all levels, and is specifically aimed at beginners who want a
starting point into play and rope. We will look at simple, effective, versatile tools that can be combined to create satisfying scenes. No experience is necessary. We will cover a basic single and double handcuff, a simple chest harness, a thigh tie, as well as some fun uses for each. We will also explore some favourite non-rope tools: predicaments, pressure points, basic bare-handed impact, and the creative use of a big stick. We will look at timing, teasing, reading your partner’s reactions, evaluating the progress of the scene, and playing with sensations. There will be plenty of time to practice and play during the class, so come prepared to explore and have fun.

As ever, many thanks to Caek for their invaluable assistance in teaching this class <3

Basic safety, pre-scene discussion, consent, communication
Single and double wrist cuff
Chest harness
Thigh tie
Pressure points, impact, and other ways to get a reaction
Reading reactions
Basic predicaments
Building a scene

None, though it is a good idea to come with someone (or a group) with whom you are comfortable playing and learning

Rope. Practice lengths can be provided with prior notice, please contact me.

Registration confirmed on receipt of payment, please contact to register.

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