Nambu Takate Kote – Construction and Application

In terms of upper body ties, we have two principal structures: Full wraps around the body (standard TKs) or an asymmetric construction that usually results in a diamond pattern (Hishi ties). The Nambu TK is the result of Barkas’ studies to combine those two principal constructions and to offer a tie that is suitable and sustainable for a large variety of body types.

In 1960, Yoichiro Nambu, a theoretical physicist, introduced the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking to high energy particle physics. He was awarded the nobel price for this effort. The Nambu-TK is named after him because of the symmetry breaking the tie undergoes towards the end. This phase transition from a standard TK to a Hishi tie makes it extremely durable in basically all positions during suspensions.
In this 3h workshop, we will go through the Nambu-TK step by step and will also go through a few applications of it, i.e. we will engage in suspensions. Those suspensions will be chosen according to the level of the participants.


Date: Saturday, July 7th. 2pm-5pm (Doors open at 1.30pm)

s: intermediate level. Understanding of the basics of a TK.

Price: $120

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