Signifying Or Signifying Nothing – approaches to strike new paths in (erotic) photography.

In this intense 2 day analogue photography workshop series we will explore various possibilities of erotic (bondage) photography. This workshop is intended for all levels, from complete beginner to professional. In order to eliminate the equipment advantage of economically stable/professional level workshop attendees, all participants will build their own film camera from a kit, and will work with that camera for the duration. (Exception would be for requested topics, see below.)

Due to the omnipresence of images in our times, as well as our media consumption habits and the resulting mental contamination through double moral standards, photography lost a lot of its reputation. This is especially the case for photography with erotic content. Additionally, many photographers suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) which is a consequence of the fast development of technology and aggressive advertisements. One of the primary aims of my artistic work is to counteract this situation, by returning to minimalistic equipment and by utilizing film instead of digital to force the photographer to slow down and consciously choose each shot.

Workshop contents:

• Every participant will build their own 35mm SLR camera ( cameras/konstruktor-family/konstruktor-f). This cost is in addition to the workshop cost. Organizer will order kits for all confirmed attendees.

• We will discuss theoretical as well as philosophical, ethical, and moral aspects of erotic photography.

• We will establish how to plan a session from a professional perspective.

• We will talk about composition of a picture as well as how light influences the photograph’s mood.

• We will practice capturing images under severe limitations (minimalistic gear/ equipment/lighting on a budget).

• Performances of Kinbaku scenes will be provided by experienced practitioners.

• Participants have the possibility to submit requests for topics (min. 1 month in advance so I can work it/something out).


Friday, November 2nd, 5 – 7pm
• We meet for a basic/short workshop introduction and prepare for day 1.

Day 1, Saturday, November 3rd, 11am–7pm (one hour break)
• We are building and getting to know the camera (approx. 2 hours).

• Discussion of theoretical, philosophical, ethical, and moral aspects, and how to find and explore new paths with your photography.

• Composition.

• Lighting (on a budget).

• Practicing with our minimalistic equipment.

Between the workshop days

The films we have exposed on day 1 will be developed and digitalized.

Day 2, Saturday, November 10th, 11am–6pm (one hour break)
• We start with reviewing and discussing the pictures from day 1 and see how to progress from there in terms of personalizing your style.
• We will also go through your submitted topics.
• The workshop concludes with a debriefing and discussion of the many faces/ languages of erotic photography.

•Workshop: $120-$200 sliding scale. (Pay what you can within this frame.)
•Equipment: Camera&Film about $70. The camera belongs to you after the workshop. More info here: Lomography Konstrukor Camera

RSVP per email or in person at TheSpace2

About the presenter:

Tom Hofmann is professional advertising photographer and graphic designer in Vienna, Europe. His work as visual artist is the balance to his superficially bread-and-butter job.
His photography focuses on the erotic, including fetish and bondage images. Although experimental and conceptual images are exciting, “everyday” themes are just as intriguing for him. He envisions his work as extracted frames from a movie, chosen to dramatize the intensity of the moment presented. His work is captured in a way that allows for single frames to stand alone and speak for themselves but also for combined frames to come together and bring a new perspective through the story being shown.

His work can be found on his website

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