SIMPLE AND CONCEPTUAL – SOLD OUT!!! Yoroi Nicolas & Faustine Intensive


Performer, Photograph, Presenter, Rope Expert, Corporal Artist
Rigger since 1998, Presenter&Performer since 2011
I lived and studied during 4 years in Tokyo Japan


fancy heroine – willing captive – ephemeral muse – emotional researcher – skinned traveler – intrepid lover – cracked survivor – wild creature – awake dreamer

About the workshop:

Kinbaku should be a living moment, a living movement. Rigger and Model can be seen as involved in a dance together, where the movement of one will spontaneously move the other. The aim is not to reproduce certain patterns, but to work towards discovering and gaining a better understanding of the principles in order to be able to create and organize your own instant compositions, and to bring life into these compositions, from beginning to end.

The guiding idea for this workshop will be : Movement ! Hoping it will be mental as well as physical. Stillness will not be a goal, but just a suspended moment in our Music.
In studying this, we will explore just how thin the line between spirit and body can be, and maybe to realize they will be no line at all…

With an eye to developing the participants’ flow and improvisational capacities in rope-bondage, we will discuss classical concepts in Japanese culture like Ma, Ma-Ai, Omote-Ura and posture.

The aim of the workshop is to enable the partners to translate in the ephemeral of ropes the energy and sensations they share and discover together.

This workshop is always different and will always use my background in Martial art, Massage (Shiatsu and Thai) and rope technique!
(Floor, Standing, Semi-suspension and suspension may be practiced depending of the group and the developpement. One rope tying will be used a lot)

Requirements (For Model and Rigger):

  • Advanced Level
  • To Have Worked Your Corporel Conscience
  • To be safe in Suspension : Yoko-tsuri, Gyaku-Ebi, Futomomo and one other pattern
  • To be willing to try differently, trust each other and accept Physical Risk


  • 8 to 10 ropes
  • 5 Carabiners (A ring can be used too)
  • 2 Blindfolds
  • A cutting tool for Kinbaku (and a ready to use one!)


  • Day I: Oct 20. 11am-6pm (one hour break)
  • Day II: Oct 21. 11am-6pm (one hour break)


$400/pair (tax included)

Tickets: Sold out!

Tickets are either available in person at any event at TheSpace2 (card payment or cash) or via PayPal through the button below. By purchasing a ticket you agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions (standard refund policies apply) and the fulfil the prerequisites for this workshop.

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