TheSpace is run by Georg Barkas. Licenced Osada Ryu and Yukimura Ryu instructor. Mathematical physicist, historian of science, developer of “Ranboo”, and author of “Archaeology of personalities – a linguistic approach to erotic rope bondage”. Passionate teacher and always on the search for new developments.



A team of volunteers supports Barkas with taking care of TheSpace.


Addie. Partner of Barkas and co-instructor on his travels around the world. Besides profound skills in Kinbaku, also specialized in self suspension, medical advice, and community related issues. Co-organizes “Click’n’bitches”.┬áReceived instruction directly in Japan.



Daremo. Co-instructor. Focus on floor work and photography. Received instruction directly in Japan.




ObscuraFetish. Co-instructor. Honorary 6th kyu in Osada Ryu. Received instruction directly in Japan.